Band of Slaves

The Temple of the Yuan-Ti

How Djinn became a snake god.

The party was looking to make some extra coin while they’re stuck on the island so they made contact with a wealthy shop keep looking to hire a group to map and clear out an ancient temple. He wanted to build a resort style village and hotel out of it. The party heads off into the jungle with a halfling guide leading the way. They came across an injured baby owl bear and Rose the fighter quickly stitched it up. The owl bear was delighted and pulled on her pants indicating “follow me!” The baby ran into the jungle and the party pursued. They came across a brutal scene of an adult owl bear torn to pieces and dead, with some snake-like people bathing in its blood. Combat ensued, and the snake people were quickly dispatched. The party continued ownward to the temple, and the baby owl bear stayed with them.

After scouting around a bit they found a side entrance and entered the temple. They immediately came across a monstrous snake. Rose the fighter quickly ran in and poked it with a stick for no reason whatsoever. The rest of the party blindly followed in. The snake was currently ruling over the Yuan-Ti as a false god. Only one party member was stricken by its bite during the encounter, …Tim? the sorcerer. After the party killed the snake …Tim? remained paralyzed for awhile. It was Djinn the fighter who struck the killing blow on the snake, and in doing so fulfilled a prophecy of the Yuan-Ti, and became their Goddess. The party didn’t even loot the temple, how kind, and they spared all of the Yuan-Ti.

Back at the town they spoke to the wealthy shop keep “Tits-McGee” and proclaimed that the temple was occupied by religious people and they would not clear it out. Tits didn’t like this, and did not pay them. Tits would find someone else to do it.



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