Band of Slaves

The Elven Artifacts

Rose's quest

Some High Elves arrived in town and were looking for Rose the fighter. Rose had initially failed her quest in retrieving an ancient Elven bag holding some powerful artifacts due to wrecking her ship at sea and getting captured by pirates. The Elves said they found the location of the bag, and would like her to finish her quest and retrieve it on the nearby Island of Cytherea. The quickly set sail and arrived that same day. They took some flying carpets to the land after parking offshore. Djinn and Rose were thrown off in the high winds. They quickly climbed back on though.

After landing the party adventured further inland and came across 6 apes attacking an Orc. The alpha ape attacked Boris but was quickly overpowered by Boris’ innate strength. The remaining apes fled. The Orc thanked the party for saving him and offered to bring them to his village. The party declined and headed towards a temple which supposedly had the Elven bag.

The party found the temple and encountered an ass ton of zombies and a wight priest. After dispatching several zombies, the priest, in one single blow, stabbed the Cleric and nearly killed him. The Cleric was inches from death but the rest of the party prevailed and took the priest down. Inside the temple they found the Elven bag, some cursed bracers that the Cleric put on, and a magic ring.

Rose had temptations to open the Elven bag, but stayed true to her word and returned it safely to her higher-ups. The party was well compensated, and they returned to the Island of Mintarn.



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